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Zalyndria Crosby


Born and raised in New Mexico, Zalyndria Crosby learned from an early age the values of resilience, awareness, and compassion. Coming to Providence, RI 4 years ago, Zalyndria received her degree in Information Technology with a focus in Software Engineering from the New England Institute of Technology. The values instilled in her from her mountain desert upbringing in Albuquerque pushed her to challenge the lack of representation of women and people of color in the tech fields.

Zalyndria co-founded Girl Develop It, Providence with the hope of inspiring women to level up their tech skills and provide a supportive space for the community to learn, grow and thrive. She has spoken on panels presented by The PVD Lady Project, RI Tech Collective, and Power To Fly. She was also the keynote speaker for the University of Rhode Island’s 2017 Women of Color Conference. In her spare time, Zalyndria finds peace by tending to her cacti collection, playing soccer, and taking care of Idgy, her chihuahua.

Zalyndria’s session: