Scope Creep: Keep It From Creeping Up On You

Angelina Simms

Caplan Recital Hall • November 04 • 8:05 - 8:10 pm

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This will be a timely discussion of importance geared towards those new to project management, digital creatives, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

This topic will cover the all-too common issue of scope creep. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the excitement of a new role in our careers or running a business that a few things slip through the cracks before we even realize it when it comes to client relations and doing the best that we can to serve them.

“So, what exactly is scope creep, and how I can I keep it from creeping up on me?”

We will identify warning signs, how to handle and manage scope creep, and ways to prevent common pitfalls.

This talk should resonate with those considering throwing their hat in the entrepreneurial ring, freelancers already hitting the pavement, and even those taking on on roles in project management that have been pursuing their dreams for a while who would benefit from a refresher or awareness of this issue that can be shared with others.