Many of our attendees wrote blog posts about their experience, read about Ela Conf through their eyes:

I met amazing women and had a great time, the pressure was off, no performance anxiety, everyone was refreshingly real and relatable. It was so nice to meet other women in tech, en masse, all of whom were there to lift each other up.
Ela Conf 2016
Tori Brenneison
Understand what you have can bring to the table. You have skills and a history other people are interested in - which skills? what stories? How can you best share these?
Ela Conf - day one
Lucy Bain
Respect other perspectives - as a leader, it’s your job to make work a safe place to share different ideas
Ela Conf - day two
Lucy Bain
It felt like everyone had agreed to “this is a safe place to say things you wouldn’t normally - don’t hold back” and massive props to the organisers for creating and encouraging that vibe.
Ela Conf - closing thoughts
Lucy Bain
You know how when you attend a movie at the movie theater and you feel a connection with all the people in the audience because you’re all laughing and crying and enjoying the movie together? That’s exactly what it felt like, but this was no movie-- this was real life filled with real women who felt connected to each other through each speaker’s story.
Ela Conf
Kalene Csefalvay
Demonstrate your accomplishments, ask for that promotion. Give back to your team, be a multiplier. Try to become the developer that others go to for help.
Leadership & Management: Notes from the Ela Conf 2016 Panel
Alison Rowland
Blogging helps you communicate your ideas, helps you grow as programmer and makes you a better teacher.
Technical Blogging session at Ela Conf 2016
Yash Prabhu
A lot of times what a manager does is not visible because a manager is responsible for all the things that make a team work together.
Leadership and Management Panel - Ela Conf 2016
Yash Prabhu
The two day conference was empowering, thought-provoking, and confirmed that tech is a wide category with many needs; my role was just as important.
Lessons from Ela Conf 2016
Katie Morton
Because the environment was safe and people shared their stories openly, many people connected in a meaningful way. So many speakers talked about being ourselves, because when we’re authentic, we’re better able to connect.
Ela Conf 2016
Lauren Pittenger
The entire conference is powered by women passionate about finding their place in tech and creating leadership.
Another Ela Conf, here and gone
Bri Piccari